At Lynx, our goal is to unlock the value of data to transform patient care.
Lynx.MD is a secure data network and medical intelligence platform that gives the healthcare ecosystem the ability to quickly and safely access de-identified real-world health and patient data to accelerate diagnostic and therapeutic solutions and improve patient outcomes.

Our solution enables the long-hoped-for vision of rapid, safe access to healthcare data and accelerated R&D of diagnostic and therapeutic solutions, pharmaceutical studies, and medical devices. Lynx.MD was founded by repeat entrepreneurs and recognized leaders in healthcare, data science, AI, and cybersecurity.

As a Sales Executive, your primary focus will be on engaging with physician practices and health systems. Your role will be crucial in developing efficient sales processes, tools, and metrics to drive sales and achieve targets. Being a key member of the sales team, you will actively contribute to building and maintaining strong customer relationships while actively working towards business growth and expansion.

We look for smart, open, and fun people to hang out with. We invest in our people and believe in hiring high-potential and humble individuals who can rapidly grow their responsibilities as the company scales.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage effectively the sale of our software to providers including sales plan development, pipeline management, and partnering with Marketing on lead generation programs.
  • Engage new and existing prospects throughout the sales cycle from first engagement through the close of the deal.
  • Manage the relationship, minimize friction, and grow revenues and profit margins.
  • Lead complex negotiations, including creating and delivering customized, strategic presentations and packaging proposals.
  • Support clients and sales teams across the market throughout every sales effort to achieve the best outcome and accomplish the company’s goals.
  • Demonstrate resourcefulness and top-notch prospecting skills through a variety of means to identify clients and generate new revenue through new and existing relationships with pharma, clinic, and healthcare companies for Lynx.MD.
  • Have an analytical approach to problem-solving, with strong management and organizational skills.
  • Develop a strategy for expanding the scope of existing contracts and identifying new opportunities by relying on your thorough understanding of medical centers, the decision-making process, and market trends.
  • Define a best-in-class consultative sales process that enables the team to drive sales to close deals and overdeliver.

Who are you?

  • You are an experienced seller with a deep understanding of healthcare IT and digital health.
  • You possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit and attitude with a passion for building a high-performance sales team while actively engaging new prospects and partners throughout the sales cycle.
  • You have 3+ years of experience as a sales executive and practical management skills in health tech while still working towards personal sales goals
  • You have a consistent history of overachieving sales targets and pushing towards pre-defined goals.
  • You have proven experience working with key stakeholders in marketing, product development and finance.
  • You have previous experience in scaling, developing, and managing sales teams in a rapidly growing startup environment.
  • You are able to communicate professionally and safely with healthcare professionals including doctors and data providers.
  • You are passionate about working with people, sharing your knowledge, and expanding your set of skills.
  • You are highly motivated and willing to make an impact and you aspire to better yourself and the people around you.

Why Lynx.MD?

  • We are a fast-growing startup with a professional, dynamic team and a strong organizational culture.
  • If you ask our employees what they like about Lynx.MD, they will tell you about challenges - solving complex problems, distributed applications, impact, and a place for personal and professional development.
  • We work with large customers such as hospitals, pharma and other healthcare providers. We also work with doctors and medical professionals around the globe.
  • Our product makes a fundamental change to digital health that will have a broad impact on all healthcare services.
  • The Sales Executive will play a key role in finding additional sales opportunities and increasing global revenues.
  • This is exactly the right time to join us and make a difference.

Quota and Commission

In the Sales Executive role at Lynx.MD, you will have a clear sales quote and your compensation will be commission-based, ensuring that your dedication and hard work do not go unrecognized. This structure is designed to reward your every success, as we firmly believe that your growth and achievements should directly impact your earnings. Make a difference in healthcare and be rewarded for your success as a Sales Executive at Lynx.MD.